Monday, January 10, 2011

Post Holiday

  I hope everyone had a great holiday? I worked a bit and rested a bit. All in all a nice quiet holiday. I received some nice presents. Hubby gave me a gift certificate to London Wul so that was nice. I took the tree very early and undecorated as well because of my schedule I just wanted not to have to do anything on my days off.

I managed to finally complete DH's work socks. Boy they were boring to knit. Sorry to all those who enjoy knitting sport weight work socks I am just not into it. I am however into knitting my socks. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that my feet are a great deal shorter then hubby's and I like socks just above my ankle and not socks that come up to my calf. Well not yet anyway.

 I completed the mixed media challenge that Heidi had at London Wul. What a blast!! It was so much fun I certainly hope Heidi considers having another this year. Below is my entry. It is named "The Red Queen", a cloth doll face applied to a cotton base. I completed the face machine stippled the wallhanging and appliqued wool hearts on. I used some 34 gauge craft wire and applied it to some wool hearts then I attached it to the head creating a 3D effect. I made the wallhanging circular which is a great departure for me.

 The knitting group will not be meeting again until February, 16th at Read's in Riverview.

Have a good one.

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