Sunday, March 13, 2011

Egad Where'ld I Go?

Just to let you know I am still here.Just getting over the whole shoulder injury flare up thingy.

So what does Cinna do when she has above said flare up?

Physio (includes prescribed exercises), read, sleep (a lot), work, watch lots of Netflix, work, read, physio etc.. It's a vicious and painful cycle. Oh did I mention shop? No I see I didn't. Well I suppose everyone should know by now that, that goes without saying. The things I haven't been able to do a great deal of is knit, spin and type a lot on the computer. Hence the minimal blog posts.

Quite often I occupy my time with other obsessions when in pain. Some old some new. This flare up I got heavy into ereaders and I have purchased two ereaders. Well three if you count the one I took back. I purchased a lovely lavender Kobo from Chapters in Moncton. Which I see is now ten dollars cheaper then when I bought it. Grrrr! . I love this thing. It's pretty basic but what makes it great is I can go just about anywhere in Canada and pick up a Chapters Gift card go to the Chapters or kobo site and use my gift card to make ebook purchases (including knitting) and the wifi is so easy to set up as is the ereader itself. No glare in sunlight. You gotta love it. So why two ereaders?  I can give you a few good reasons like the kobo is kobo bookstore specific, it has no light, and the main reason is because I wanted two. So the other ereader I purchased and which has been at Canadian Customs since the 10th (3 whole days) is the Pocketbook IQ 701. Check this puppy out! Not to techie for me, has a touch colour screen that rotates automatically, has WiFi, plays videos and music and just looks like a lot of fun. I have to tell you I also became obsessed with cell phones. I have 2 months left on my mobile contract and I just had to have an Android OS phone. So I bought [note the word (or is that verb) bought] a cute little Motorola Dext smartphone. Bell has them on sale now because they won't be offering them anymore. Motorola has come out with a newer model. Anyways I am happy to have it. It is giving me an idea of whether or not I really need a smartphone or if I can make do with my new Pocketbook. And I didn't have to renew my contract.

 Hubby says I've been very cranky. I think he is probably right. So if I cranked at you from the first week of February I am truly sorry.

So it's back to knitting and spinning. My shoulder is much better thanks to my physiotherapist. I went to the meeting at Read's on Wednesday. I was a little tired and sore and I might have cranked a bit (sorry). It was great to get out and knit with the ladies and Gael showed up. Gael manages the Cricket Cove store here. She had exciting news. Cricket Cove is offering knitting nights at the store here in Moncton every other Tuesday evening. The next meeting is this Tuesday, March 15th from 6:30pm until 8pm. Hosted by the lovely Viola . So get yourself there bring a project and a beverage and join in the fun. The Knitting group will be meeting Wednesday night at Read's in Riverview. That is the 16th from 6pm until 7pm. See you there.

"Women like to sit down with trouble - as if it were knitting"
~ Ellen Glasgow (April 22, 1873 - November 21, 1945)

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