Saturday, March 26, 2011


What a stupid title,eh!

I am a little cranking this morning for a few reasons, (1) my 3 month old Keurig coffee maker is not functioning. So I am forced to drink drip coffee, (2) it snowed yesterday and as I look out the garden door I can see white on the deck and, (3) I have to go buy groceries sometime today. I think just the not having my usual Morning Blend would be enough to crank anyone out.

So my physio is all but over. Thanks to the good physiotherapists at Tidewater Physio Clinic.I can even start back at Curves, albeit slowly. That means I should be able to return to all things spinning and knitting related.

I am on vacation from work at present and looking forward to visiting my daughter in Halifax. We have a night of spinning planned for tomorrow and a visit to The Loop and LK Yarns on Monday. I love LKY and visit there every visit to Halifax. I met some of the gals from The Loop at last years spinning retreat and am anxious to visit that shop. Speaking of the spinning retreat I believed that it would take place on the same dates this year and traded a couple of shifts in late October so as to be able to attend. I received a registration email yesterday and the retreat is taking place the weekend before. So I will probably have to sell my soul to rearrange my work schedule. Oh well it is worth it. Such a great time is always had at the retreat.

I am almost finished a pair of socks I have been working at very slowly. I seem to be in a stall with them. I will have pictures soon and will try and post a few pictures from my Halifax well.

I fired of an email to the Gals that meet at Read's for the date of the next meeting but if my memory serves me (which it may not due to lack of my usual morning caffeine fix) the meeting at Cricket Cove should be this Tuesday evening and the Chapter's group this Monday evening.

'Til next time.
Warm Fuzzies

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