Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whorling,Twirling and Spinning

Well I am back from my spinning fun days in Halifax.
What a great time!
I picked my daughter Ashley up at 6pm on Sunday evening in Halifax. Loaded her, her spinning wheel, fiber and incidentals into the vehicle. Picked up the key and some grub and headed over to our lodgings (my brother's apartment near Bedford). Once settled I took a look out the dining room window to see eight deer in the back parking lot. Now seeing deer is not a new thing for me but seeing them within the HMR was quite
cool and a great way to start off our spinning retreat.

 After settling in and unpacking our wheels. My wheel is the Louet Victoria and Ash's is the Ashford Kiwi . Which we set up as a double drive on Monday. I have to tell you I had not really seen her wheel since last October and I was quite surprised to see the double groove in the wheel and let me tell you Ash certainly spun energetically with her wheel set up as a double drive. While we were waiting for our supper to cook Ash modelled the spinning apron I had made the day before.

 We spun until about midnight Sunday night and on Monday we visited The Loop and LK Yarns. We were happy campers when we arrived  back at our digs and we happily spun and plied from 3 to 8 or 9pm.
My fiber booty
Plying the wool

Bobbins of black & blue-green Top

Below is a picture showing two shawlettes I knitted this February.

  So there you go! Two days of whorling, twirling and spinning. See you all tomorrow night at Read's

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