Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royall Weddings and the Like

Not much going on. I am working all week until Friday morning.So I will have to watch the Royal wedding taped later on television when I wake up on Friday.Like I would get up and watch it live at 2am. Yeah I would! I was married July 18th,1981. I was the same age as Diana when she married Charles. We were living in Ontario then. I got up and watched them get married. My groom was tall, dark and handsome. Unlike Diana and Charles we are still married. That'll be thirty years in July. Prince William was born in June, 1982. My daughter in October, 1982. That means both are in their 29th year. I watched with the world the weddings of Andrew and Edward as well as the break ups of Diana and Charles, Andrew and Fergie, Anne and Mark. The births of their children. With the world I grieved at Diana's funeral. I was pleased that Prince Charles was able at last to find happiness with the love of his life Lady Camilla. I along with the rest of the world wish Prince William and Kate Middleton all the best.

 I am finishing up a pair of socks that I found down in the bottom of my knitting basket. I am certain I started them a few years ago! I have also spun some lovely light fingering weight polwarth. I spun it and plyed it on my new Ladybug and will perhaps make a scarf or shawlette with it.

Well that is all for now. The knitting group meets at Read's tonight at 6pm.

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