Saturday, May 28, 2011

With Gladness!

Quite often on the heels of sadness gladness may spring.

I have just learned today that Richard Ashford will be attending the 11th Annual Maritime Spinners Retreat . I am certainly happy that I have already registered and secured a room for the event.What a treat to be able to meet and learn from Richard. Make certain you register early.

Um, you all probably do not remember but way back in 2009. Um 2 years ago I started a pair of socks called  the Artichoke Socks by Megan Humphrey with Heidi's handpaint sock wool from London Wul. Well I found those socks when I was shifting my craft room and rec room around and I finished them a few weeks ago. I made them using the Magic Loop method and 2 socks at the same time. I also did the pattern all the way down using the short row heel method. I think they turned out quite nice.

Artichoke Socks
Shawl class at Cricket Cove started a bit late but went very well. I am certain the three ladies taking the class are doing okay with the pattern. I believe CC, Moncton is doing something for Knit  In Public Day on June 11th. I will contact them and see if they have any information that I can post.

The Reads knitting group met this past Wednesday. Unfortunately yours truly was working and could not attend. I am waiting to see if the ladies are able to meet on Monday the 30th as I will again be working on Wednesday and 3 weeks with no group contact sends me into withdrawal. I will post the date as soon as the ladies get back to me.

I purchased Cookie A.'s sock book knit. sock. love. What a lovely book this is. Cookie's patterns are done on DPNs and I think a few of them are going to be a challenge to do 2 socks on 1 circ but I am going to give it a go.

Oh well it is Saturday morning and I must go to workout and run errands.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

With Sadness

I was quite distressed on Tuesday afternoon to learn with great sadness of the very sudden passing of my Aunt Margaret H..It has been a trying week to be sure. DH and I drove to my Mum's yesterday for the wake and as expected we were exhausted when we arrived home yesterday. It is never easy to lose a loved one but is quite distressing when they are gone suddenly. My love goes out to my cousins and their families.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My hobby room is all but complete. I could use more storage and a little area rug. I suppose I shall always have more stuff than storage. I was delighted to find a table and two door wardrobe at Kent in Moncton. Home Depot, Moncton supplied the wonderful Martha Stewart 9 cube storage cases and the fabric drawers as well. All for under $400. Bonus! Plus I have more then doubled my space. Woo-hoo!!

 I have a photo of my last sock class group at Cricket Cove. I thought the ladies did a great job. In the photo are; Betty, Gail and, Margaret. Absent was Helen. Good job ladies. Bravo!

See you at Read's.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The End of Class

Just a quick note.
Today is my last sock knitting class with my present group at Cricket Cove until probably the Autumn. The group has been wonderful and it has been great getting to know the 4 ladies. It has also been great teaching in the afternoon. It is my hope that all 4 ladies will continue to knit  socks at least some of the time using the techniques they learned in class. I am hoping to get some pictures today to share later.

 I have pictures of Natalie's many finished projects to share. Nathalie was a busy gal and she completed two felted purses, a frothy green-blue ribbon/tape scarf that is simply scrumptious and, a beautiful pair of socks using Knit Picks imagination sock yarn. The sock pattern is from Way to knit Nathalie and thanks for sharing.

The reason I am late updating is many fold. Number one is my full time job quite often gets in the way. Dang it all! I have to be able to support my hobbies some how and earning money unfortunately seems to be the best way. Two, I am in the middle of moving my hobby room from a small space to a much needed larger space. This of course entails much unpacking, moving of many things and of course the purchasing of other things. In this case those other things are storage units. More stuff more storage needed. Lets' face it gang I like to shop. Another very good reason to work. Third, I am a little discombobulated as there has been yet another attempt of fraudulent charges on my credit card. Frequent shopper has frequent problems with thievery and dishonesty of others. Thankfully my now credit card company was right on to it so no problem for me on the plus $5000.00 attempt to suck me dry (as opposed to my previous supposedly so secure credit card company that did nothing to help their now former faithful shopper out, no names mentioned). Fourth, I have to have time to knit, sleep etc. You all know there are just not enough hours in a day.

Anyways, reality beckons in the form of housework. Sigh!

See you in the funny papers.