Friday, June 17, 2011

Night Out

The Reads' group met Wednesday at Alto in Riverview for supper and it was quite lovely.Most of the group agreed to work on this fabulous calypso seafoam shrug from the book edited by Judith Durant "sock yarn one skein wonders". You can see some photos here .

I stash a few of my projects in a footstool in the living room and the other night didn't I go to take my sock project out and the lid came down and cracked my lovely Knit Pick needle right in 2! Well thankfully I have a spare and DH sanded the broken tip to a lovely point. Beware biting footstools. I am also working on a little shawl called Chevrolette by britt schmeising. I am using some of my red and white handspun.

Oh well that is all for now.
Be well

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