Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 Shrugs

Well another week has come and gone. We have had some great weather here and are truly thankful for it. Yes it would have been nice to have had it in August but what can you do?

Last week I visited my mother. She is looking for a hobby. I tried to get her interested in quilting a few years ago with little success. I am making no suggestions this time. I had a lovely visit. As is our custom we went to Guy's Frenchy's. A second hand store. I purchased 4 nice dresses, a skirt, cardigan and, a blouse. Now I am outfitted for my trip to Mexico in March. Almost. I need to make a blue or black shrug or shawlette.
Speaking of shrugs last Wednesday at Read's Joann and Nathalie brought in there completed beaded shrugs. They are gorgeous.

Therese was working on 2 very lovely baby dresses for granddaughter(s) knit with Noro Kuryeon. I hope they are finished this week so I can post some photos. They are so cute.

I am working away on a pair of socks. Knit with my handspun for the spinning retreat next month. I have been having a great time spinning lately. Scary!

Well see you Wednesday evening at Read's or whenever you drop by here.


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