Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Well last week at Read's we were 3 and we had a very nice time. We are hoping Deina is feeling better.

Today is Halloween and I worked. It was a good day. I work with an excellent group of people. A few of them are going to let me help them learn to knit or improve their knitting skills. Bwah-ha-ha!
Rachel,Marie,me and Carole

 The meeting of the regular Read's knitting group is this Wednesday evening. There may be a small road trip to join Doris and JoAnne at their church's bazarre. No trick, a treat.

I am off to bed now as it has been a long day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pictures Gone!

I must apologise to JoAnne as the pictures I took of her hats and ruffled scarf last week have mysteriously disappeared. I'm sorry.

Well sock class started last week at Cricket Cove and it went very well. I am interested to see how the ladies made out. I will have to wait until Nov. 8th. No one has phoned me for help so they must be doing okay. Evening class starts this Thursday and Knitting at Read's is this Wednesday from 6pm until 7pm as per usual. Last week my daughter joined in the fun and then she and I went to Michael's as I needed some items and she is always interested in purchasing beads.

Speaking of purchases I have asked Heidi at London Wul to order me a bulky flyer kit for my double drive Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. I have so much fibre from the retreat that I would be 5 years spinning it all into sock or lace weight. Hence the purchase. Thanks Heidi for your advice on that.

My fleece was finally all dried this morning so I shook it and fluffed it and put in a bag to be carded into batts later this week when I am off work. DD and I are certainly getting lots of batts from it. I think she got at least 6 or 7 and I carded 4 more from the fleece we did for her. I didn't weigh the stuff I bagged this morning but out of the original 7lbs we probably got about 6lbs after it was washed. I think that is pretty good. We had a great time DD and I carding the fleece and we also carded together some wool and alpaca. She took home a few batts and I kept a few. I spun up some very nice singles out of some of it. We both enjoyed spinning at London Wul last Thursday. We had to leave early as I had made a batch of beans that were ready to eat by 4pm and she was supposed to hook up with her BFF. Her plans fell through so she spent the night hanging with me and we had fun. I miss her.

Hubby is getting quite impatient for me to start knitting his Lopi sweater as it is getting chilly here. Well he will probably have to wait a few more weeks until sock classes are almost finished. Sorry dear.

 Well until next time

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spinning Weekend

So here it is  October 19th and I have been home 2 days. So it has been 3 days since the 11th Annual Maritime Spinners Retreat. What can I say I have been busy.

Last Friday, October 14th, I headed out for the Old Orchard Inn near Wolfville, N.S. for a weekend of Spinning fun and what fun it was. It was great to see familiar faces, meet new friends, learn new things, and spin and shop 'til I dropped. The Old Orchard Inn was a fabulous venue with lots of space, great views, food, and people. My room was spacious and perhaps haunted! The 1st night my door blew open. Oh my room had 2 doors, the inner corridor door and the outer parking lot door. It was the parking lot door that blew open after only an hour of sleep. So I was awake again 'til almost 3am. Sigh! On Sunday morning after taking a very early am Ummm break in my vehicle my key card wouldn't work. So after a bit I trudged up to reception in my nightgown and was given a new key card but it was thanks to Odette the housekeeper that I was let back in. I must say the receptionist didn't even bat an eye and thankfully there was coffee on in the lobby so it was all good. But doesn't that sound a little haunted to you? Saturday was full of spinning, shopping and having fun. Stupid me I took a trip to Gaspreau Valley Fibres and didn't take 1 photo. I bought lots. The shop is so nice and so is the staff definitely a great place. Richard Ashford was at the retreat and that was something. I actually bought a Romney fleece, thanks Elizabeth for helping choose my very 1st fleece. There is just so much that goes on at these events that I could spend hours posting about it. Suffice to say it was an awesome event, a good time and I spent a load of $$$ and have great memories to cherish. Next year's event is going to be hosted by Moncton's Twisted Hub City Spinners. The theme is Let's Get Dizzy. It will be from October 19th to the 21st, 2012. Woo-hoo!! I can't wait.

Well I must get ready for sock class this am at Cricket Cove. Tonight I will catch up with my knitting friends at Read's in Riverview and Thursday it is more spinning fun at London Wul. I am excited this week as my daughter Ashley is here visiting.

Enjoy the pictures and I'll see you around.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

London Wul Hosts Richard Ashford Mobile Update

What a lovely night spent at London Wul where owner Heidi hosted the amusing and charming Richard Ashford of Ashford wheels and looms of New Zealand. Mr. Ashford presented a historical slide show of the company, spun, explained and performed wheel maintainance. Kate his charming associate demonstrated carding and spinning techniques. Vicissitudes to Heidi for a very successful and enjoyable evening.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Re: Mobile Update from Read's

Oops here are the socks

On Oct 3, 2011 6:23 PM, "Cindy Greenslade" <> wrote:
> Here are the climbing mistletoe socks completed. Having a great time with
> the gals knitting at Read's.

Mobile Update from Read's

Here are the climbing mistletoe socks completed. Having a great time with the gals knitting at Read's.

Monday Note

Not a very inspirational title but hey it is hard coming up with them.

Missed last weeks knitting and spinning due to a virus that is raging through the floor at the hospital where I work. A lovely little bug that I was unwilling to share. So I stayed away. Tonight we are going to meet at Read's in Riverview to knit instead of Wednesday as I have to work Wednesday until Saturday morning.

I am getting ready for the Spinning retreat. I have spun some of Heidi Wulfrat's handdyed Jacob batts into some singles and 2 ply yarn. Very nice to spin. It was my first time spinning wool from flock. I found the staple quite long and seems to have a fair bit of lanolin. I love the feel of it while spinning. Keeps my hands from drying out. Today I have to start and finish my name tag for the retreat and spin some more Jacob to ply with either beads or feathers.

I completed knitting "Climbing Mistletoe Socks" yesterday. This is a pattern I fell in love with in Issue 25 of Knitters magazine that my DH gave me last Christmas. I used a 3 ply handspun Polwarth from a roving I had purchased at London Wul in a watermelon handdyed colorway. I knit them on 1 long circular needle until after the short row heel and then I had to knit them separately because of the shifting stitches. I'll get a picture tonight and mobile upload them later.

Deina telephoned me last night and told me what a nice time she had visiting the Knit East Market this weekend. Congratulations to Cricket Cove for hosting a wonderfully popular and successful event. Too bad this gal worked Friday night and therefore couldn't attend. Sigh! Deina also reminded me that this Tuesday evening is knitting at Cricket Cove, Moncton. Give them a call for details. Thanks Deina.

Well that is all for now.See you tonight.