Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Note

Not a very inspirational title but hey it is hard coming up with them.

Missed last weeks knitting and spinning due to a virus that is raging through the floor at the hospital where I work. A lovely little bug that I was unwilling to share. So I stayed away. Tonight we are going to meet at Read's in Riverview to knit instead of Wednesday as I have to work Wednesday until Saturday morning.

I am getting ready for the Spinning retreat. I have spun some of Heidi Wulfrat's handdyed Jacob batts into some singles and 2 ply yarn. Very nice to spin. It was my first time spinning wool from flock. I found the staple quite long and seems to have a fair bit of lanolin. I love the feel of it while spinning. Keeps my hands from drying out. Today I have to start and finish my name tag for the retreat and spin some more Jacob to ply with either beads or feathers.

I completed knitting "Climbing Mistletoe Socks" yesterday. This is a pattern I fell in love with in Issue 25 of Knitters magazine that my DH gave me last Christmas. I used a 3 ply handspun Polwarth from a roving I had purchased at London Wul in a watermelon handdyed colorway. I knit them on 1 long circular needle until after the short row heel and then I had to knit them separately because of the shifting stitches. I'll get a picture tonight and mobile upload them later.

Deina telephoned me last night and told me what a nice time she had visiting the Knit East Market this weekend. Congratulations to Cricket Cove for hosting a wonderfully popular and successful event. Too bad this gal worked Friday night and therefore couldn't attend. Sigh! Deina also reminded me that this Tuesday evening is knitting at Cricket Cove, Moncton. Give them a call for details. Thanks Deina.

Well that is all for now.See you tonight.

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