Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spinning Weekend

So here it is  October 19th and I have been home 2 days. So it has been 3 days since the 11th Annual Maritime Spinners Retreat. What can I say I have been busy.

Last Friday, October 14th, I headed out for the Old Orchard Inn near Wolfville, N.S. for a weekend of Spinning fun and what fun it was. It was great to see familiar faces, meet new friends, learn new things, and spin and shop 'til I dropped. The Old Orchard Inn was a fabulous venue with lots of space, great views, food, and people. My room was spacious and perhaps haunted! The 1st night my door blew open. Oh my room had 2 doors, the inner corridor door and the outer parking lot door. It was the parking lot door that blew open after only an hour of sleep. So I was awake again 'til almost 3am. Sigh! On Sunday morning after taking a very early am Ummm break in my vehicle my key card wouldn't work. So after a bit I trudged up to reception in my nightgown and was given a new key card but it was thanks to Odette the housekeeper that I was let back in. I must say the receptionist didn't even bat an eye and thankfully there was coffee on in the lobby so it was all good. But doesn't that sound a little haunted to you? Saturday was full of spinning, shopping and having fun. Stupid me I took a trip to Gaspreau Valley Fibres and didn't take 1 photo. I bought lots. The shop is so nice and so is the staff definitely a great place. Richard Ashford was at the retreat and that was something. I actually bought a Romney fleece, thanks Elizabeth for helping choose my very 1st fleece. There is just so much that goes on at these events that I could spend hours posting about it. Suffice to say it was an awesome event, a good time and I spent a load of $$$ and have great memories to cherish. Next year's event is going to be hosted by Moncton's Twisted Hub City Spinners. The theme is Let's Get Dizzy. It will be from October 19th to the 21st, 2012. Woo-hoo!! I can't wait.

Well I must get ready for sock class this am at Cricket Cove. Tonight I will catch up with my knitting friends at Read's in Riverview and Thursday it is more spinning fun at London Wul. I am excited this week as my daughter Ashley is here visiting.

Enjoy the pictures and I'll see you around.


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