Monday, November 28, 2011

Socks, Again!!

This morning is my final class of teaching 2 Toe-Up Socks on 1 Circular Needle at Cricket Cove in Moncton until the next time. I taught two classes one in the morning and one in the evening. I am always delighted to pass on this great sock knitting technique. I believe my students are usually amazed at the end of the classes that they have actually knitted a pair of socks this way. I never am. Here are a few things I want to pass on to all of you that want to knit socks in this fashion and have no LYS nearby offering classes. There are a number of books available that usually have visual aids that should assist you.The Internet is a great resource.There is You Tube with all its videos and search engines, Ravelry, Pattern Central,, and many more.

The ladies in these two classes asked about baby socks. Foot size and how many stitches to cast on to total number of stitches. It is very difficult to answer those questions in a general way. Antje Gillingham offers a toe up pattern in her book Knitting More Circles Around Socks. The book is written for toe-ups on 2 circular needles but as I tell my students it is easy to convert the patterns to 1 circular needle. Lynne Lounsbury offers a varied pattern with a chart ranging from 3 to 36 months Easy Toe-Up Baby/Toddler Socks and p2designs offers patterns on DPNs with a conversion box at the end of the patterns.

The ladies were also interested in darning. I am going to brag here a bit and tell you all that I have not had to darn any of my hand knit socks to date. I am ready to do so at the first sign of a hole. I have my darning egg and needle all set to go. Here are a few URLs that I found to be very useful in assisting you to darn socks. From Knitting Daily and Kathleen Cubley Darn There's a hole in my sock! and from HJS Darn Those Socks! These are 2 of my favorites.

 Besides knitting socks I have been knitting hats, dumpling bags, and DH's sweater is waiting for me to finish the sleeves. We are knitting this week on Wednesday evening at 6pm at Read's in Riverview (weather permitting). See you there.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hats and Baby Sweaters!

Very interesting day yesterday as blogger was down. Knitting at Read's last evening was great fun a dear old friend joined us for a few minutes of catching up.Hey Theresa T.!

JoAnne made a few hats for holiday gifts and they are smashing. Good job JoAnne and thanks for sharing.

JoAnne's hat
Another of JoAnne's hats

Therese had made a few items for her DD as baby presents for her then unborn child. Her DD had a boy, Samuel on Friday past. Here are the pictures she took of the dresses before they were off to MontrĂ©al.  Both patterns are from 'Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders' The dress uses Noro Silk garden sock yarn, and the vest uses Briggs & Little Tuffy Canadian sock yarn. Congratulations! Felicitation! To Therese and family.

So cute Noro dresses!

So sweet!

I too have been making hats. The pink hat is a plain bulky knitted hat with a pompom, the grey hat is a free pattern from London Wul and is by Heidi Wulfraat called Twisted Top , the green hat is also a free pattern by Daniella Cortez. It  is found on Ravelry and is called Nature Hike Hat . All are knit with bulky weight yarn and knit up very quickly. The nature hike hat I used pencil roving and spun it a couple of years ago when I first started spinning.

Basic bulky knit hat

Nature Hike Hat

Twisted Top
 I started DH's Lopi sweater on Nov. 4th and he is ever so excited!! Lopi knits up so fast. If you are looking for quick knit but nice garments for holiday or winter gifts you may want to consider Lopi patterns. You can also check out DROPS . There are lots of free patterns there.

Today I am teaching at Cricket Cove, Moncton in the morning and evening. Always lots of fun doing my sock classes. Next Wednesday evening will be the Knitting Group at Read's. See you around.