Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Camera Eating Photos

Well I did  have a few photos of my morning sock class that I had taken with my phone but they seem to have been eaten by some mysterious photo eating monster!! I was pleasantly surprised that all of my students had completed their socks. I hope you all continue making socks 2 at the same time on 1 circular needle.
Hubby drove me to London Wul on Saturday. I hadn't been since October. Heidi has some lovely sparkly fiber that she has dyed for sale. Even though I can't spin right now I bought a bag of yummy purple. I have been working on a few little projects like a sweet little cardigan for my year old niece. It is a free pattern by Debbie Bliss found at the All About You website.I have completed 5 Dumpling bags and plan to make at least 1 more. Thanks to Nathalie and Deina for your felting tips. I was having quite a time getting the process to work consistently. Your tips to use a pair of jeans in the washer and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of baking soda in the water seems to have done the trick. I used Plymouth yarns Galway Paint 100% wool on this one. They are such cute little project bags. I but a skein of Briggs and Little Heritage in rust at London Wul to make myself another one.Three others are gifts and one is too small (that one I made before the felting tips).

My Dumpling bag
Yesterday I decorated the house for Christmas. I used about a quarter of the usual amount of decorations. Just have to put the tree up this weekend. I would send of gifts but have been waiting for my Avon order and last week I ordered a special something, something from WEBS for my daughter. Otherwise I am good to go for the holiday.

We are meeting at Read's on Wednesday,December 7th. Next week we will be meeting at the Homestead restaurant in Riverview for a little supper and chat before the holidays. Until Wednesday then.

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