Monday, December 12, 2011

Early Monday Morning Mobile Update

It is just after 5:30 am here and because my Mum and I discovered on Saturday that we both purchased the same outfits for my brother's girls for Christmas I shall be leaving for Walmart soon to return the ones I bought. I thought that it was kind of funny that we did that.
The photos are of the  dumpling bag I made for my Aunt Marjorie using Alafos Lopi. The outfit is for my Great Niece Victoria. The Ribbed Jacket is a free pattern by Debbie Bliss.I made the body out of Patons Classic Wool, Petal Pink. It took 2 balls and the ribbing, hat and, mittens are Bernat Baby Jacquards Florals,Rosebud. The mittens are by Ruth Bendig and the pattern is Toddler Mittens on a String. The hat pattern is a free Bernat pattern Frilly Top and Tootsies

Dumpling bag

Victoria's Set

I felted a pair of mittens using Briggs and Little's Regal this weekend. Let me tell you if you want to knit a garment that it'll take a lot to shrink it this is the yarn to use as it took about an hour in the wash to shrink them. They did turn out quite lovely. I  used Catherine Vardy's pattern purchased at Cricket Cove. I also purchased the yarn there. CC has 30% off selected yarns on Fridays until Christmas. I will put a photo up after Christmas as they are a gift and I know the recipient reads this blog.

Tonight the group is meeting for annual Christmas meal at the Homestead restaurant before we take our holiday break. Yummy!

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