Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mobeus Crazy

Pink and white Mobeus' knit by Elaine from Read's knitting group. Brown double wrap knit mobeus knit by JoAnne. Mobile update.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Much Happenin

There isn't too much going on knitwise here.
I finished DH's socks. Gawd! I hate knitting men's socks. Their feet are so long and then the legs have to be long. My DH doesn't want socks that are snazzy. So knitting him socks is so boring. I did start a pair of socks for me that are nice. I bought Fleece Artists 2 of 3 mitten/sock/toque kit in a very nice tonal light green moss. So the kit has BFL and Kid. Of course I am using the BFL (Dk/Aran) on it's own for Serpentine Socks from Wendy D.Johnson's book Socks from the Toe Up. The Kid is slated for a scarf or shawlette. I am using a 2.75mm Kollage square circular needle with a firm cable. I find the join on one end a bit rough and if this is the firm cable I can only say "Wow!". Very nice cable and the shat is smooth and not bad to knit with. Gauge has not been an issue at all.

Anyways, that is pretty much it on the knitting front.See you Wednesday night at Read's

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2012 Post

So the holidays are over and they we were very nice. I would like to say to the Bag Ladies "Je voudrais vous remercier pour mon sac du laine".
 I knit my DD a pair of wool felted mittens from Catherine Vardy's pattern using Briggs and Little Regal yarn.

DD's felted mittens
I became somewhat obsessed with felting after I felted my first dumpling bag and I must say I had mixed results. I made a pair of Fiber Trends felt clog pattern that are still too large for my DH. The sad thing is I was using the medium woman's size. So I made another pair using 2 strands of cascade 220 (I think colour 2415) and 2 strands Pattons Classic Merino Aran and Magnolia. I understand that felting light coloured wool can take a fair number of washes to felt but it took 8!! Not only that but after 4 attempts our 10 year old Kenmore washer died! OMG!! Luckily we were able to obtain a used  Hot Point washer from a friend of DH's. Thank goodness and it works very well. Anyways my felt clogs are wonderful and I love them. I learned that to get them to felt quicker I must knit them on 6.5mm needles. A rather costly lesson. I do recommend the pattern. Note in the pre-felted photo the normal sized slipper. The next photo shows my felted slippers.

Pre felted clogs
Felted slippers

I am still into felt patterns and am knitting a tote bag pattern from Patons Family Felting . I did some spinning on my new bulky flyer and decided to crochet up a tote to felt. The pattern is " I Felt the Earth Move" by Letita Sherriff. It felted very well except for the yellow stripe which I had to oversew. All the yarn was handspun except the top border and handles. The second photo shows the felted product. Stuffed with plastic bags for shaping. I am delighted to say it felted very nicely in the first wash.
Pre felted crochet bag

Felted tote

I still have a fair number of socks on needles and am developing a teaching pattern for tip to cuff knit mittens to be taught at CC this winter/spring. Busy,busy,busy.

 I am happy to be going back to work tomorrow after being off for 2 months due to a shoulder injury. Mind you it is only for 4 hours a day this week and 6 hours a day next week but I am pleased none the less.
See you all at Read's this Wednesday.

Found Lost Photos

The photos are of my DD's birthday shrug and my friend Gael's felted dumpling bag. Gifts I had made for them and then I couldn't find the photos. Obviously I found them.


DD and her shrug
Gael's bag