Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2012 Post

So the holidays are over and they we were very nice. I would like to say to the Bag Ladies "Je voudrais vous remercier pour mon sac du laine".
 I knit my DD a pair of wool felted mittens from Catherine Vardy's pattern using Briggs and Little Regal yarn.

DD's felted mittens
I became somewhat obsessed with felting after I felted my first dumpling bag and I must say I had mixed results. I made a pair of Fiber Trends felt clog pattern that are still too large for my DH. The sad thing is I was using the medium woman's size. So I made another pair using 2 strands of cascade 220 (I think colour 2415) and 2 strands Pattons Classic Merino Aran and Magnolia. I understand that felting light coloured wool can take a fair number of washes to felt but it took 8!! Not only that but after 4 attempts our 10 year old Kenmore washer died! OMG!! Luckily we were able to obtain a used  Hot Point washer from a friend of DH's. Thank goodness and it works very well. Anyways my felt clogs are wonderful and I love them. I learned that to get them to felt quicker I must knit them on 6.5mm needles. A rather costly lesson. I do recommend the pattern. Note in the pre-felted photo the normal sized slipper. The next photo shows my felted slippers.

Pre felted clogs
Felted slippers

I am still into felt patterns and am knitting a tote bag pattern from Patons Family Felting . I did some spinning on my new bulky flyer and decided to crochet up a tote to felt. The pattern is " I Felt the Earth Move" by Letita Sherriff. It felted very well except for the yellow stripe which I had to oversew. All the yarn was handspun except the top border and handles. The second photo shows the felted product. Stuffed with plastic bags for shaping. I am delighted to say it felted very nicely in the first wash.
Pre felted crochet bag

Felted tote

I still have a fair number of socks on needles and am developing a teaching pattern for tip to cuff knit mittens to be taught at CC this winter/spring. Busy,busy,busy.

 I am happy to be going back to work tomorrow after being off for 2 months due to a shoulder injury. Mind you it is only for 4 hours a day this week and 6 hours a day next week but I am pleased none the less.
See you all at Read's this Wednesday.

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