Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knitting in Cancun/ Chick with Sticks Travels

Well we've been back from Mexico for almost 72 hours!

It was snowing here the night we arrived. Surprising considering that they enjoyed temperatures in the 20 degree Celsius area the week we were away. Oh well that is why one goes south isn't it so when one comes home again they are so happy they went.

I managed to knit a tiny bit well in sunny Cancun.

Knitting in the early morning

I did manage to knit for about an hour one afternoon while sitting in the shade of a sunbed. Not an easy task considering it was about 82 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. I did garner a few strange looks butt hey who cares. Unfortunately DH felt more compelled to snap photos of the sunning iguanas instead of his most interesting wife knitting. Sigh!

I had knit 3 shrugs for my trip and I wore 2 of the 3. The lime green cotton organic shrug was way to warm to wear but the ping cotton shrug and my drop stitch calypso shrugs were the perfect accessories in the evening. DH did take a photo of me in the pink shrug at the Mexican buffet and theme night.

It was a very enjoyable place to knit but I am happy to be home and look forward to seeing everyone at Read's this Thursday evening.

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