Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Giving Thanks

On Sunday, April 8th, 2012 my younger ( okay baby) brother at the right old age of 45 yrs. had a heart attack!

I am thankful to his girlfriend Jackie for keeping her cool and calling 911. I am thankful that the paramedics arrived in a timely fashion and to the trauma doctor that allowed them to administer the "clot busting" medication. To all of the staff at the QE hospital in Halifax for their great care. To the doctor who inserted the stent that will allow his heart to function normally. I am thankful that it wasn't in the good Lord's plan to take my brother to heaven.

I am thankful to my wonderful husband, friends and co-workers for their support. I am thankful that I remembered to bring my knitting with me. It really helped to keep me calm.

With Thanks

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Silliness at Reads Knit Group

There was a great deal of silliness and much laughter during the Reads group tonight. I was very tired having just finished 3 nights this morning and sleeping until 2pm. So lack of sleep and trying to organize an overnighter to the Gaspreau Valley Fibres shop with 6 women certainly can make for a lot of laughter.
  All was not silliness though. Note the mobeius knit by Elaine the shop clerk. The cute raglans knit by Deina for full size granddaughter and matching doll size raglan and hereto sets. JoAnne and Deina modelled their completed socks. Good job ladies.

Elaine & her mobeius
Deina's lovely cardigan and doll sets
JoAnne&Deina's socks

Meeting Monday night April, 9th at 6 pm.