Monday, May 14, 2012

Get Away Bad MoJo!

Well let me tell you I am not a happy knitter.

I went to CC sale Friday and I bought a ball of lovely orange Opal sock yarn to start knitting a pair of Cookie A's socks from her book sock love. Well when I went to cast on, on my 2.25mm knit pick 40" circular needle the tip fell right off 1 end! Hmmphf! No problem I cast the socks onto a 2mm needle and got up Saturday and took myself to CC and purchased an Addi Lace 2.25mm needle. I almost walked out with a 3mm but Linda noted the incorrect size. Thanks Linda. After completing the ribbing I went to transfer the socks to my new Addi and low and behold I had purchased not a 40" circular but a 24" circular. Eegad! So I shall be heading over to CC shortly. I have emailed knit picks and am awaiting a reply.

I didn't work on anything knitty yesterday, Mother's Day. I am currently completing a sweater and the sleeves are done 1 at a time and I am finding it excessively boring to knit them. Sigh. The socks are on hold until I switch my needle. The garter stitch sweater by handmaiden is also hold for a bit. It is a project that is pretty mindless and I like working on it on my breaks at work during my night shifts. I must say the white sweater I just completed is going to my DD and I must pack it up and mail it soon.

Oh yes my new Keurig machine that is only 15 days old has gone on the fritz and I have to return it today. Huge cranky lack of caffeine Sigh!!!

DH worked the entire weekend so for supper yesterday I had nachos and popcorn. Yummy! I did manage to bake bread, do housework and laundry.I have some kind of bad MoJo following me around. Back off bad gremlins today is a new day and I am fit for battle.

Tonight's meeting at Read's should be splendid. I need to be around my knitting gal pals and soak up some of their good vibes.

Gotta go. DH just got our old Keurig working and I need a fix.


Thursday, May 10, 2012


It has been a little while since my last update.

Uploaded a photo of a sweater I made using Bernat Roving, large needles and a Vogue pattern from the Winter 08/09 issue.

Cricket Cove 20% off everything in the Moncton store Friday, May 11th in honor of Mother's Day.

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