Sunday, September 9, 2012


In case you're wondering what "OCD" means. Well it is the initials of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I seem to get a little obsessive compulsive when I am stressed. For intance my mother is ill and I start making spindles and buying spindles and using spindles. Below are my 2 latest creations. Both are made from dowels. The high whorl spindle uses a large donut bead for the whorl and the low whorl spindle ( I call her Peppermint Patty) uses a toy wheel. They both spin okay but are not as well balanced as I would like.
My other obsession during this time has been jewellery. Especially the Knitter's Row Counter bracelet which has lead me to do some basic wire wrapped jewllery making. Just a few ear cuffs. Anyways, have you seen the row counter bracelets anywhere? There is a good tutorial at West End Design Knits and some lovely ones for sale on Etsy. I really liked the ones at Crimson Orchid . So mine are below. As for the wire jewellery tutorials I just Googled. I found some very nice sites on Pinterest
Knitter's Row Counter

Basic wire jewellery

I also became a little interested in making a wrist distaff for spinning. I found a good tutorial at the Sanquine Gryphon for a braided and beaded distaff and a nice tutorial for a felted distaff at the Art of Megan . I made my braided distaff out of some Jacob fibre that I purchased from Heidi of London Wul last year.
Felted distaff
Beaded&braided wrist distaff

So I managed to sign up for the Spinning Retreat in October. Hosted by Moncton's Hub City Spinners and being held at Rodd's Miramichi River Resort on the 12th to the 14th of October. It should be a nice time and don't forget all of that week the Fibre festival taking place in Amherst Nova Scotia.
This weeks knit group will meet on Thursday the 13th at Reads in Riverview at 6pm.
Happiness is being able to love without reserve and to knit/spin/craft without censor.

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