Sunday, October 21, 2012

Funky Fingerless Mitts

So this June my DD and I made a trip to Cricket Cove when she visited for my birthday.
Which birthday was that, you ask?
Well I'm not ashamed, it was my 50th!

I digress. We purchased a funky yarn there made by Estelle named "Twelve" to make this free fingerless mitten pattern that was available. Oddly enough the free pattern for the yarn is entitled "Estelle Twelve Wristlets" by Kate Atherly. The pattern is not on the Estelle website nor can I find it anywhere on the WEB. Sigh! However it is a lovely little yarn comprised of 12 different yarns and comes in 3 colorways. You can see a photo of them at Yarn Foward . Yes it is pricey as I was telling the ladies at London Wul at the Thursday spinning group. I don't regret buying it but I must tell you that after I completed the wristlets I realized I could use my own melange of funky yarns to make more of these wristlets. Pictured below are the wristlets using Twelve in the Garden Paradise colorway and 2 pairs using my own funky yarns. Great Christmas presents as the pattern is super easy. So enchanted by these wristlets is the Reads knitting group that I see every week that we all are bringing our own funky yarns to Reads this Monday to mix and match and go home to knit up a few pairs. If you don't have a melange of funky yarn handy it would be more economical to purchase a skein or two. Do go to the Estelle website and ask if they can email you a copy of the pattern. I don't know if that is possible but you can try.

Estelle Twelve wristlets
Melange of yarns

  Busy day today. I have decided to make aprons for the next annual Maritime Handspinners Retreat to vend! So many of the ladies asked me to do so and with my sister Deb's help I have decided to go ahead. Yesterday I was busily altering a lovely apron pattern to hopefully fit a fuller figure. Today I am going to cut out several half aprons and perhaps sew a few together. My sister Deb is an excellent seamstress and I am so pleased she is joining me in this venture. Who knows perhaps she may actually take up spinning or spindling or weaving. I know she has possession of a very large loom.

Monday night is knitting at Reads and Tuesday evening is sock class at Cricket Cove. Phew I am tired just thinking about it.

Hugs to All

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