Sunday, October 28, 2012

What a Horrible Night!

Well I have to tell you this was a truly horrible night!

I took the flu vaccine at work on Friday and Saturday was not great due to side effects and having to wait for the telephone repairman. I was up at 3 am. I only slept 3 hours before going in for my 12 hour night shift. Thank goodness for Imodium. Can you guess the side effects of the flu shot? Thursday we noticed no phone/Internet service and had to wait until Saturday morning to have the repairman come because of our work schedules. Then at 3 am I try to renew my nurses license online only to discover that payroll hadn't been taking out the monthly deduction for it. I now have to pay almost $500 to renew before the end of December! My fault I guess for not checking my paystub  more closely. They deduction has only been coming off since 1994!! So goodbye to a stress free end of 2012. Sigh.

The Reads group will meet this Monday night at 6 pm. See you there if I can afford the gas to drive there.

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