Friday, November 23, 2012

More Felting

Okay in an attempt to beat my felting blues I have signed up for the Felt Like Christmas workshop at London Wul
on December 8th. This is needle felting taught by Darcy Cormier. It promises to be a wonderful workshop and may save my washing machine. Not to mention my sanity.

Also try and join us this Wednesday night at Reads in Riverview at 6pm as I show anyone who is interested how to do Judy's Magic Cast On. Just bring a circular needle or 2 circular needles and a bit of yarn to learn this very cool technique for casting on.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

OMG!! I suck,suck, suck at felting!!
If you remember my horror story about breaking my washing machine last year at about this time of year trying to felt slippers. Well i did it again ! What the heck is it about felting that I can't seem to get. I try so hard and the harder I try the more damage I do to my washing machine. I was felting a few things and eventually they did felt but afterwards my washer would not spin and therefore would not drain. Hubby had to get a repairman to come in. The switch was to be okay but the pump seemed to be jammed! Yup, you guessed it there was wool clogging the pump. Now I want you to know that I felted my projects in a mesh bag. Apparently the wool fibers migrated out of the bag. Who knew? Anyways, a bit of $$ later I was ready to attempt felting this Booga Bag pattern by Julie Anderson. I had knit it a bit larger than the pattern calls for out of my handspun Tutti Fruity polwarth I had purchased at London Wul . Well I knit the darn thing too long and not tall enough. I remembered too late that things felt more in height than they do in width. So I had to cut some of back and sew that to the top making my bag a little more acceptable. It has to be lined. I like it irregardless and plan to attempt another. I did remember to add hot water from my kettle to the water, baking soda to aid in the felting process and to put my project in a pillow case and not a mesh bag. So I had no migrating of fibers to the washing machine pump. The pictures are below.
knitted Booga Bag


Booga Bag complete
Sock class at Cricket Cove finished on Tuesday night. I always have such a good time teaching that class. It is so great to watch the students complete their projects. These young women were great to teach as they are good friends and helped each other enormously. Kudos to you ladies and your socks were lovely.

Knitting at Read's will be Wednesday night November 28th at 6pm.

Remember at this stressful time of year that 2 sticks in your hand and a bit of yarn can make a memory.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Serpentine Socks

Well hello I finally was able to pick up my Serpentine socks that I am certain I started late spring and pushed to the back burner. The pattern is from Wendy Johnson's "Socks from the Toe Up" book. I used Fleece Artist BFL in a lovely tonal green.

Anyways, just updating while on coffee break. Meet at Reads this Wednesday the 7th at 6pm.