Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little OCD

So for the last month I have been driving myself mad trying to find a baby hat pattern that I knew I had seen in one of my spinning books. After looking through every single spinning/knitting book that I own and every single magazine, every nook and cranny. After thinking about where I might have placed this pattern for safe keeping so that I would be able to find it, it was nowhere to be found in my house. I wept, I sobbed I whined to my daughter about it on our ipods and guess what. She had it. As a matter of fact after describing the pattern to her she took a photo of it and asked me, "Is this the pattern?" I wept, I sobbed, I begged her to type the pattern out and send it to me in an e-mail.Which she did.
Phew! Thank goodness as apparently I was driving people mad who had to listen to me ruminate as to its whereabouts. Oh, the pattern is the Knitted Turquoise Tornado Baby Cap by Dustin Wedekind published in Lee Raven's book Spin It.

I have completed a sweet baby outfit for a gal at work, a pair of socks by Wendy Johnson Sneaky Argyle, and a pair of socks made out of Knit Picks sport weight Felici Groovy.

Meeting this Wednesday at Reads.

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