Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Knitting Books

While surfing for a particular knitting patternto a week or so ago I came across and ad for a knitting mystery. I clicked the link and was transpired to a group on Ravelry!!
"What is this?". I thought.
Well it was a group that reads and makes the patterns from a book by Cheryl Potter called "The Broken Circle, Yarns of the Knitting Witches". Book one of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy.
I took myself off to the Potluck Yarn site and ordered the novel and pattern book. They just arrived and came with a bonus bookmark and 9", 3.25mm HiyaHiya needle. I am looking forward to reading the book and attempting some of the patterns.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Dye of Soy

So I realized late Saturday evening as I finished spinning all the silk hankies I have that I needed more died silk fast. I found some bare soy silk I had purchased at London Wul a while ago and this morning I "space died" 50gms of soy silk. I followed the tutorial at Sierra Spun Fibers. Except I used Ashford acid dyes instead of Kool Aid and a salad spinner instead of a washing machine. Yes my crock pot is for dye only. I bought it at a second hand store.
  Yesterday morning at 9am I had everything in the crock pot on low and did my housework, laundry and I even went out and got groceries. By the time I arrived home, put the groceries away and folded and out away the laundry 2 hours had passed. I turned off the crock pot and waited 2 more hours. Then I gently removed my roving and put it in the sink of warm water to rinse. Then I put it in the salad spinner and rinse some more. Next I spun it in the salad spinner and then I hung it up in my shower stall downstairs. I think it's quite pretty. Once it is dry I'll spin it up and ply it with some colonial top.

Required pot and salad spinner


In the pot
Drying Soy silk

Then I spun more wool&flax blend to ply with the silk hankies I spun Saturday. Knitting at Read's is this Thursday. See you there. Cinna 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pinwheel Sweater

So I started the pinwheel sweater by Shelley Mackie for elann.com on March 3rd of this year and obsessively knit on it for 10 days. Very easy to knit. I used wool from my stash. From the center out; mohair&silk ivory, Polwarth handspun by me, Briggs & Little Regal Lilac, Rowan Yarns Soft Lux, Briggs&Little Heritage Pink, Mohair & Silk Multi, Bernat Soy Oatmeal. I changed the border and used Barbara Walker’s Plain Scalloped Edging from her 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns. There are 2 ways of wearing this sweater. Wear long with shawl collar or as a bolero with a cowl collar. Thanks to my sister Deb for taking the pictures.

Worn Long
 The Full View
Worn Bolero
Cowl Bolero

A pattern well worth knitting up.

Spun Silk

Using my Ashford Traveller (my at home wheel) in double drive and my high speed flyer I was finally able to spin fine weight wool and silk. I was also finally able to spin "Z". That is spun to the right. I have always spun "S", to the left and plied Z. The silk hankies I bought from Spunky Eclectic bare and dyed myself. I then plied it with some colonial combed top. I have 139 yards so far. I hope to spin enough for a shawlette.
Fibres used and end result

Silk and wool plied


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So I have started a new pair of socks. No surprise there. I am using Yummy yarn in a pretty tonal blue. The pattern is "Water Cycle Socks" by Tami Sheiffer found on Ravelry. A pretty toe up sock. I have also started a circle or pinwheel cardigan by Shelley Mackie. It can also be found at elann.com. I am using wool from my stash for the cardigan. I am using some mohair silk blends I purchased at London Wul a few years ago, some handspun and some purchased yarn. I am enjoying knitting this as it knits up fairly quickly. It sort of reminds me of EZ's pi shawl pattern.

I am also attempting to change some of Cookie A's sock patterns in Knit,Sock, Love book from cuff down to toe up, for my own pleasure really. Cookie's patterns are quite involved and take a bit of thought to change.

I dabbled with dye a week or so ago and dyed an ounce of silk hankies I have from Spunky Eclectic. I like how the turned out and will upload a photo later. I have belonged to the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club Canada for almost a year now and every month I look forward to receiving my package. I am never disappointed.

Cricket Cove, Moncton is now opened on Sundays from noon to 5pm. Yeah! Now that I work through the week it is great to be able to go and get supplies on Sunday. As a matter of fact I went this Sunday past and used my Christmas coupon and came home with this lovely skein of (pure indulgence) pure silk, laceweight from Luxury Yarns. Pure heaven to touch and look at.

Well see you all Wednesday