Monday, March 25, 2013

The Dye of Soy

So I realized late Saturday evening as I finished spinning all the silk hankies I have that I needed more died silk fast. I found some bare soy silk I had purchased at London Wul a while ago and this morning I "space died" 50gms of soy silk. I followed the tutorial at Sierra Spun Fibers. Except I used Ashford acid dyes instead of Kool Aid and a salad spinner instead of a washing machine. Yes my crock pot is for dye only. I bought it at a second hand store.
  Yesterday morning at 9am I had everything in the crock pot on low and did my housework, laundry and I even went out and got groceries. By the time I arrived home, put the groceries away and folded and out away the laundry 2 hours had passed. I turned off the crock pot and waited 2 more hours. Then I gently removed my roving and put it in the sink of warm water to rinse. Then I put it in the salad spinner and rinse some more. Next I spun it in the salad spinner and then I hung it up in my shower stall downstairs. I think it's quite pretty. Once it is dry I'll spin it up and ply it with some colonial top.

Required pot and salad spinner


In the pot
Drying Soy silk

Then I spun more wool&flax blend to ply with the silk hankies I spun Saturday. Knitting at Read's is this Thursday. See you there. Cinna 

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