Friday, August 16, 2013

You Tube Videos for 2 Colour Vertical Striped Socks

It was a busy week. I worked 3 evening shifts with 2 of those shifts having hours of overtime. Yesterday I went up to my mother's. DH did some jobs she had been waiting all summer to have done. After which we had a lovely supper and came home. This morning I managed to put some order back in the house, get laundry done and we went for a short buggy ride. This afternoon I updated my You Tube videos that show how to cast on a toe up sock using Judy's Magic Cast On, Magic Loop and 2 colours for a vertical striped sock. It has been a real challenge making those videos. I started last week and used my laptops web camera. The quality was less then stellar. DH then used his camera and video taped it but we couldn't get the accompanying audio file to upload. Grrr! Finally we used my iPod Touch and downloaded You Tube's Capture app. Yeah! Success at last. You can watch the new videos at Cast On and the second one is Increases . I hope you enjoy them.

There are some lovely patterns available for socks that have vertical stripe toes on Drops Designs. I am currently working on a pair using Magic Loop, 2 socks at the same time on 1 circular needle. Basically I went up some needle sizes to a 2.75mm needle.Why! I did this because carrying the yarn can make your sock a little tighter so going up in needle size seems to counter act that effect. Then I just used Judy's Magic Cast on and used the 2 colours as demonstated in my videos. I am using a plain sock pattern. It is the one in my head that I use all the time and have been teaching it for several years now at Cricket Cove in Moncton. I will do a short row heel to preserve the colour sequence and then just knit around until I feel like binding off.

There is so much you can do with this coloured cast on. You stripe the toes only, stripe toes and heels and I know you can cast on  rainbow vertically striped socks by using 4 or more colours! DH pointed out that then you would be working with multiple balls of yarn. I say Pah-shaa to that. Just do it. Imagine making an 8 coloured rainbow vertically striped pair of socks. Just cast on 8 colours on each needle and knit 1 round plain then start your increases making certain to follow your colour sequence, too easy.

We will be meeting at Reads on Monday the 19th. See you there.

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