Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting Ready for Retreat

I am busy getting for spinning retreat in October. I have lots on the go. I am finishing aprons that my sister and I will be selling. I have a few hats on the go as the theme this  year is the Mad Hatter. I have tinked back the button band on my Lopi cardigan thinking I would prefer a 2X2 ribbing and have decided after knitting that for 6 inches that O in fact would like a zipper instead and will now have to tink back and restart the band in a plain 6 stitch to accommodate a rollover for the zipper. I am knitting Bernat's "Reindeer Games" cardigan. I purchased the yarn at Michael's at a dollar a ball so the cardigan is only costing me about $11. Fantastic!

   We are meeting tonight at Reads in Riverview. See you there.

p.s. tink= knit backwards

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textart said...

Thank you for your PS!! I was puzzling my way through the blog entry and looking at my keyboard to see what if I could un-do a typo by looking at letters adjacent to those in "tink".
Tink on! Nice sweater jacket pattern too, whether knit plain or patterned.