Friday, April 25, 2014

Lendrum Spinning Wheel Bag

Okay a few weeks ago I went on about my search for a bag for my new Lendrum spinning wheel. I had purchased an upright hockey bag. Love the bag and so does my daughter who has an Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel and a limited budget. I promised the bag to her and made the large tote bag below to carry my Lendrum in. Well I tried it out yesterday when I went to my LYS to spin. It was miserable weather yesterday so I noted that I would need to add a flap/zipper. The straps are too long and need to be shorter. Carrying the wheel in the tote hurt my back. Sigh!
I obsessed all night about making the changes required or buying another bag. I decided to shop. Not really surprised at my decision hubby gathered up my wheel (sans flyer) and set off to Sears with me this morning. I knew from my last trip that I needed a 30 inch bag. Lucky me they had some on sale. I really liked some of the pretty ones but they weren't quite wide enough. I hit the jackpot with the Hey's XCase Spinner. Wait until May 2nd in Canada when Sears has this baby on sale. I was lucky in that someone had put the sale card out early and I had a $10 off coupon so it only cost me $107 taxes included. Otherwise this bad boy cost over $240!
  As you can see it is very roomy. All my attachments fit with room for more and it's not even expanded yet. It is very easy to pull. Pulls easily over my gravel driveway, stairs and my snow covered deck. Yeah! It is hard sided so protects my wheel from dings and the elements. It has an adjustable interior strap to secure the wheel. My back doesn't ache because it has a nice pull handle.
   If you own a Lendrum folding DT spinning wheel I can highly recommend you purchase a 30 inch spinner suitcase to carry it in or even just to store it.Take your wheel to the store and try it out because not all suitcases are created equal. If family questions your reasoning for spending the cash remind them of cost of the wheel and the case is protecting your investment. It can always be used on trips to just put clothing in. As if!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Surprise Socks

I managed to make it to London Wul for spinning this afternoon and I am so happy I did. It's always wonderful seeing Heidi and the ladies but today was fabulous because I received a lovely pair of socks from Cathy. I think she had handspun the yarn and knit them herself. Fortunately for me her hubby washed them and now I own a gorgeous pair of felted socks.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Lendrum Spinning Wheel

Recall that I succumbed on April, 4th and purchased from Gemini Fibres a Canadian made Lendrum spinning wheel. I ordered online on a Friday and my wheel arrived on Tuesday, April, 8th in the late afternoon! Just 2 full business days after ordering. Of course I had knitting that evening and I was back to work the next day for my 12 hour shifts. Sigh. I did manage to spin a wee bit on it. My entire stretch at work I obsessed about a bag to carry it to-and-fro in. Sunday after a mere 4.5 hours of sleep I got up and headed for town. After much running around and measuring of suitcases I purchased a Reebok upright hockey bag at Sport Chek. Note the many inner and outer pockets. The only thing to add to make the bag perfect for not only my new Lendrum but my Ashford, Traveller and my Schacht, Ladybug are some web straps. I am well pleased. Below are a photos of my Lendrum and the bag.


My wonderful Lendrum

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Deina's Afghans

Check out these gorgeous afghand crocheted by Deina more than 20years ago. They are still gorgeous and very in. Thanks for sharing Deina.
I came home tonight and ordered a Lendrum double treadle, folding spinning wheel complete kit from Gemini Fibres in Ontario. So much for restraint. I can hardly wait for it to arrive.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

By My Friend

My good friend Shelly made this. It's a free pattern. The "gallatin scarf". She used Berrocco Weekend yarn. Isn't it gorgeous? Good job Shelly.