Friday, December 19, 2014

Craft Room Redo

Last week I mentioned to my DH that I thought my craft room could do with an update. This was made very evident to me on Wednesday evening when it took me over an hour looking through my stash in various tote containers, tote bags, cupboards, baskets and cubby holes. Well my DH being the wonderful man that he is took me out on Thursday and insisted I pick out several cubicle shelves and two bookcases to redo my craft room. Below are picturres of my refreshed craft room after five days of hard work. I trough out 4 large garbage bags full of bags a boxes. The large tote containers are being used to hold things other then the majority of my stash. This is a very picture intense post.

Cubicles housing Majority of stash and spindles

Cupboard housing spinning wheel equipment,
 knitting needles, crochet hooks and fleeces.

Wall of cubicles creating a partition between sewing area,
spinning wheels, quilt frame and workout equipment.

A moveable cart housing fabric and on top a basket of acrylic yarns

View of cupboard housing roving and the wall parttion

Two new book shelves holding magazines, crazy quilt
books and supplies as well as my dye pot and ribbons

A french knotted and embroidered purse I made
and two wooden purse handles decorate the
wall above my sewing table.
Sewing area

A wall hanging and wool felted bag I made.As
well as a Laurel Burch tote decorate the wall
opposite my sewing table.

Spinning wheels and quilts under progress in
the sewing area
Cutting table holds fabrics under the top, drum carder, ball
winder and umbrella swifts
Cubicle holding acrylic yarn. Note the cute heart garland.
My friend Deina made it from an old quilt.
Sitting area. Large basket of yarn for a project for my DD and
the 2 ottomans store more yarn

I hope you enjoy my craft room redo as much as I enjoy it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Free Cowl and Fingerless Mittens Patterns

Made these quick and easy knit cowl and fingerless mittens for my coworker Chantal. Chantal and I are work partners. She likes cats and this yarn reminded me of a Tabby or Manx. The yarn is a chunky/weight 5 and is super light and very soft. I used yarn that my sister Deb gave me and I had set aside for that perfect project. The yarn is Sensations(Purl Essence) Angel Angel HairHair,colour#601, lot#284, black and white mix. The cowl is a super simple pattern that works up in a few hours. The fingerless mittens I did two at once on one circular needle but I'm certain that you could do them on DPNs/ a small circular needle. I used only two balls to make both projects.

DPN=double pointed needles
LHN=left hand needle


Approximately 200 yards chunky weight yarn
 24" inch 9mm (US13) circular needle or size to get gauge
yarn needle
Stich marker
Gauge:9sts X 9rows=4 inches (10cm)
Size: apx 35inches round by 20 inches tall
Cast on 50 stitches and join for knitting in the round without twisting stitches. Place stitch marker to mark beginning.
Knit every round until piece measures 20 inches or desired height.
Bind off loosely and sew in ends.

Fingerless Mittens

Approximately 50 yards chunky weight yarn
40" inch 5.5mm (US 9) circular needle or size to get gauge
yarn needle
stitch marker5.5mm (US 9)
2 pieces waste  yarn
optional 3 DPNs
Gauge: 6sts X 9.5 rnds= 4 inches (10cm)
Size: Ladies one size

Here are sites where you can learn/refresh your memory on cast ons:
*Note you commence knitting on mitten A on the top of the hand then the palm of the hand then mitten B the palm of the hand and then the top of the hand. This completes one round.
Method: Cast on 24 sts for each mitten. Join mitten A without twisting sts. Place a marker in one of the sts to let you know that this is mitten A.
Knit 2x2 ribbing on these 12 sts for the top of hand. Knit plain the next 12 sts for the palm of the hand.
Mitten B
Knit 12sts plain for the palm of hand.
Knit 2x2 ribbing for the top of hand.
End  of round.
Continue in this manner for 5.5 inches.
Create thumb opening:
Knit ribbing on A top of hand.
On A palm of the hand knit 1st stitch, with waste yarn knit the next 3 sts, slide these same 3 sts back to the LHN and with main yarn knit.
On B palm of the hand knit until last 4 sts. Knit the next 3 sts with waste yarn and slip these 3 sts back to LHN and with main yarn knit last st.
Knit ribbing on B top of hand.
Continue knitting in pattern for 2.5 inches.
Bind off.
*Thumbs are knit one at a time. I use the same circular needle as I used to knit the mittens but you may like to use 3 DPNs.
With palm of hand of mitt facing you pick up 1 st in corner then 3sts from waste yarn and another corner st. Pull cable through and repeat for other part of thumb. Remove waste yarn. Total of 10 thumb sts.
With main yarn knit plain for 5 rounds
Bind off.
Repeat for second thumb.
Weave in ends and enjoy.

Feel free to make and share but remember to give credit where credit is due. Thank you.
@Cindy Greenslade

I hope you enjoy the  patterns .

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts

I developed an urge to knit some Fair Isle fingerless mitts. I searched my magazines, books and, the Net. I found a suitable pattern on the DROPS website. The pattern is "Fjord Rose". I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. I wanted shorter mitts so I didn't knit rounds 16 to 21. I also added thumbs. On round 37 on one mitten I cast off 7 stitches, casted on 7 stitches with waste yarn and knit those cast on stitches, return those 7 stitches back to the left hand needle and continue to knit as per pattern. On the next mitten repeat the above but on the last 7 stitches of the first 28 stitches. *Note that I knit my mitts separately on a circular needle. To knit up the thumb pick up 1 stitch in each corner and knit 9 rounds then cast off. Quite an easy to knit pattern with lovely results.