Friday, December 19, 2014

Craft Room Redo

Last week I mentioned to my DH that I thought my craft room could do with an update. This was made very evident to me on Wednesday evening when it took me over an hour looking through my stash in various tote containers, tote bags, cupboards, baskets and cubby holes. Well my DH being the wonderful man that he is took me out on Thursday and insisted I pick out several cubicle shelves and two bookcases to redo my craft room. Below are picturres of my refreshed craft room after five days of hard work. I trough out 4 large garbage bags full of bags a boxes. The large tote containers are being used to hold things other then the majority of my stash. This is a very picture intense post.

Cubicles housing Majority of stash and spindles

Cupboard housing spinning wheel equipment,
 knitting needles, crochet hooks and fleeces.

Wall of cubicles creating a partition between sewing area,
spinning wheels, quilt frame and workout equipment.

A moveable cart housing fabric and on top a basket of acrylic yarns

View of cupboard housing roving and the wall parttion

Two new book shelves holding magazines, crazy quilt
books and supplies as well as my dye pot and ribbons

A french knotted and embroidered purse I made
and two wooden purse handles decorate the
wall above my sewing table.
Sewing area

A wall hanging and wool felted bag I made.As
well as a Laurel Burch tote decorate the wall
opposite my sewing table.

Spinning wheels and quilts under progress in
the sewing area
Cutting table holds fabrics under the top, drum carder, ball
winder and umbrella swifts
Cubicle holding acrylic yarn. Note the cute heart garland.
My friend Deina made it from an old quilt.
Sitting area. Large basket of yarn for a project for my DD and
the 2 ottomans store more yarn

I hope you enjoy my craft room redo as much as I enjoy it.

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