Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lazy Day and Pickle Juice

Well I had planned on joining the Saturday Rug Hookers at London Wul today but then I vacummed my entire house and I'm now way to tired for anything but a nap. Darn hyperthyroidism.

I bought a new iron which I'm going to have to return as it can't be used on a wool or cotton dry setting without emptying the water out of it!! Never heard tell of the like before and had I realized that, that was the case I would not have purchased it. We are not talking a ten dollar iron here it was a mid priced iron. Oh well that'll have to wait for some other day.

I spent  a few hours yesterday and the day before overdyeing wool fabric for hooking. You can read about the process here . I was doing up some aquamarine when I realized I had used up all my vinegar the day before. What to do, what to do? Well (and I don't recommend this on a regular basis but it works in a pinch) I used about a half cup of pickle juice. That's right people if your like me and don't clean your fridge religiously you to can save yourself a ten minute trip to town and use your pickle juice. Hey what the heck it worked.

Now that my housework is done and after my nap I shall spend a lazy day rug hooking, sewing and knitting.