Monday, May 11, 2015

I've Lost My Knitting Mojo

Okay I admit to still not being able to knit anything at all that requires too much concentration. Last week I thought I was ready to knit some socks by Wendy Johnson, Crocus Socks. No, I'm still unable to knit in a pattern without sitting in a quiet rook with no distraction whatsoever and I have to be prepared even then to rip back. It's very frustrating as I have a lovely coat to knit for my daughter and some socks I spun the wool for from Spunky Eclectic as is the pattern. I am loath
to start or continue on in these projects until my Mojo is back.I haven't spun since last October.
    Where does that leave me?
Well I am able to knit plain socks so I am continuing to knit a few of those. I have decided to be less anal about spinning and I am just going to spin whatever as I crave the feel of the running from  my hands to the wheel or spindle. With so many coworkers in the family way I have returned to crocheting baby blankets and perhaps knitting some uncomplicated baby items. I am rug hooking with a vengeance and am anxiously awaiting for two dye books I have purchased from author and hooker Karen Kahle's Etsy site PRIMITIVESPIRIT ,Dusty Little Dye Book and Vintage Colors Dye Book. I am even quilting a bit to get me over this dry spell.
  I am keeping my hand in and hope to be back in the thick and thin of it soon.
  BTW, the baby blanket I started crocheting the other day is a Coats& Clark pattern from an old pamphlet, Book No. 279 pattern A-990 and it is in fact a place mat originally done in size 20 mercerized cotton. I am doing the blanket in worsted weight yarn with 5.5mm hook.

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