Thursday, November 5, 2015

Estonian Heel Socks

I have completed two pairs of the Estonian Heel Socks. Originally posted on Ravelry by tuulepluus and translated to English by Deep Blue Renegade
    I completed each pair of socks in under 4 days! I knit each sock singularly, a feat for me as I generally suffer from 2nd sock syndrome, but I found knitting each sock on two 24 inch circular needles to be what worked best for me. I did attempt knitting two at a time on one long circular needle as I usually do but found that at the point where you start the foot one sock for some reason became larger no matter what I did. So the orange sock is from one ball of Opal, Sweet& Spicy, Peach. I did a star toe on that pair so there is no need to do short row except for at the leg. The 2nd pair I used Patons Kroy Socks Stripes, Rusty Stripes. I had two balls and had decided to do a classic toe with a three needle bind off and therefore had to do the short rows. I was afraid off running out of yarn so I used a yellowish wool I had in my stash from Koigu to do the short row portion and then I switched back to the Kroy for the actual toe. 
   I love both pairs and they fit terrific. I recommend this pattern.

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