Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bunny in the Garden

Here is a photo of the rug I hooked for my mother for Christmas this year. I should've taken a photo of it at her home where it now resides in it's completion but I wasn't that clever. This is my own design so I ask that you respect that.
   I hooked this on burlap using mostly over dyed wool from used garments. I admire very much Karen Kahle and her palette is very nice. I purchased two of her books about dyeing, Dusty Little Dye Book and Vintage Colors Dye Book. I dyed most of the background wool from a used white wool skirt my sister and brother-in-law gave me as part of my birthday gifts this summer. I dyed most of the green border wool and all of the wool yarn for the binding using one of KK's recipes called Oyster. I have a Fraser 500 cutter and used a #8 cut. I like variety in my strip width so I move the guide arm out sometimes and get a wider strip. I'll even use unevenly cut strips for variety. I've recently joined other Hookers at London Wul once a month to enjoy their camaraderie and valuable advice and  input.
Happy Day One and All
Bunny in the Garden

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