Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Nathalie did a wonderful job knitting L'Enveloppe a pattern by Sally Melville. Great job Nathalie

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

JoAnne's Pizazz Poncho

Didn't  Joanne  do a great job crocheting her Pizazz Poncho?
Love the colours and  the fringes.
Great job.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hooked Rugs

Here are a few of the hooked rugs I've completed this spring.

Sisters 3 Bicycling
 The Sisters 3 is hooked using mostly worsted weight wool yarn. I did use a bit of my handspun and a smidge of glitter. It is 7inches by 27.5 inches. It depicts myself and my two older sisters when we were little girls. My eldest sister on the lead bike has a basket with our little dog Trixie Bell. My middle sister's bike sports a cool light and I'm bringing up the3 rear trying to catch up.  It took me two months to complete.
Fantasy Crewel Floral

This is my foyer rug. I used a #8 cut wool. The background is a very dark purple and the beauty line separates it from the black outer border. It's quite a large rug being 36 inches by 74.75 inches and it took me almost a year to complete from the day I designed it until completion.

The above is a Martina Lesar pattern called Abstract 4. It is 9.5 inches by 20 inches on linen. I fell in love with this pattern the instant I saw it on her website. Martina has so many beautiful patterns on her site. I have purchased two. I used a #8  cut on this so it hooked up very quickly, just 24 days. I carried the color of the wool strips over to the binding yarn.
I started hooking a series of 13 stair risers today. I would like to thank all the ladies that meet the first Saturday of the month at London Wul and the proprietor Heidi Wulfraat for all of their sage advice, support and encouragement.

Debbie Bliss Tunic

Last July I became enamoured with a pattern by Debbie Bliss from her Paloma book. The pattern is called Rib Yoked Tunic. It's a delightful pullover and I like it quite well. I used eight skeins of Berroco  Vintage Chunky in Aster.