Monday, July 18, 2016

Spinning Yarn on a Support Spindle

Well after almost a year with the lovely Russian spindle purchased at last year's spinning retreat I finally found a You Tube video that showed me how to use a support spindle. Thanks to Lori Rhone of Deerfield Creations for posting that awesome video. Actually I purchased an apple support spindle at my very first retreat and have never been able to use it successfully. Now I am able to use it and the numerous other support spindles I own. I'm not very good at it as of yet but at least I am able to spin on them to create a variety of yarns from cotton, camel, yak, excetera.
   I haven't been knitting much as it's been way to hot. I'm almost ready to knit the heel portion of a pair of toe-up-socks that I've neglected since this spring.
   I want to thank Heidi Wulfraat for the use of her wonderful cotton hand carders. Thanks so much Heidi and I'll see you on Thursday.
   I'll see everyone else this Wednesday evening the 20th of July from 6-8pm at Reads in Riverview for our usual knitting clutch.
   Right now I must get ready to go out to eat with hubby. We are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary.

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